lucet / based on an old Viking knitting fork

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freehand drawn, cut and sanded. Polished with my lemon lavender herbal wood butter. It’s made from poplar wood- the unique red color in the wood is because it came from a very old fallen tree; the red is from the mineral buildup over the years! limited stock of this special color tone, can also do maple wood for $3 extra.

My littlest loves this dearly- while she can finger knit, this is a fun little tool that whips up an i-cord super fast, also allowing you to put it down and not lose your stitch. Great for fine motor and cognitive skills. It’s also calming, kept my energetic 5 year old happily busy for about 25 minutes- it’s a little confidence booster too seeing as she was so proud to have made a long i-cord to hang up in the house. my teen made one from twine and used small clothespins to hang her photos up on her wall in her bedroom. Pretty clever and looks great! So many creative things you can do with it!!

$20 for rainbow poplar

$23 for maple


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