magnesium body butter | helps ease growing aches + pains | relaxation + restful sleep | heart health

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I’ve been making this since my 17 year old twins were wee and complained of growing aches + pains. This also can help promote a restful sleep with a waking up feeling like you actually slept kinda feeling due to the magnesium, which helps relax the GABA receptors in our brain and nervous system, whiiiich essentially tells our bodies to relax. It’s great for sore muscles, restless legs, and cramps as well.

utilizing magnesium transdermally (through the skin) is the best way to replenish our cellular magnesium levels (which a lot of people are actually pretty deficient in!) versus taking it in an overly processed synthetic pill form (it won’t really do much honestly) if you’re taking high doses of vitamin d, you may very well be deficient.

I personally make this because the oil by itself can be super itchy and uncomfortable, and that doesn’t work for kids (or adults!) so combining with some luscious butters and oils helps eliminate that feeling. The scent is a warm and subtle floral with a slightly sweet, herbaceous undertones + is calming and kiddo-approved five times over ♡ this is undoubtedly a necessary staple for the medicine cabinet!

I use fair trade shea and mango butters, local raw beeswax, some vitamin E, and my farmstead grown mugwort, lavender + moroccan blue chamomile infused in sunflower/jojoba oil blend slowly over time with the energy of the sun ☀️ Mugwort is extremely rich in magnesium naturally, this is why I use it in my unique blend. 

Our skin is our body’s largest organ we have while we journey here in life- we should really be mindful of what we put on it (and in it) for optimal function + health!


4oz jar