magic skin balm | skin and wound healing first aid

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buttery yellow from my method of high quality double extraction, which takes time. no stovetop oil infusion method ever used /no corners ever cut- heat kills the beneficial properties and you get a less quality product.

This balm is made from my farmstead grown calendula flowers, plaintain, comfrey, yarrow, lavender, aloe, chamomile, marjoram and lily with fortifying jojoba, sunflower and coconut oils, and of course local raw beeswax πŸ’› this stuff is amazing for everything - from baby bums to scrapes and deep wounds. Gentle and nourishing, loaded with super skin healing properties- cuts healing time in half, literally, like magic ✨ It smells delicately earthy and fresh and a little goes a long way. it’s lovely when applied and makes a nice protective coating where your skin can still breathe necessary oxygen while it works to fortify and heal 🌼🌱 avoid petroleum products and chemical laden synthetics. A first aid staple in my home.

1oz jars | $10 each