draw it out / an herbal drawing salve used to coax splinters, bee stings, cysts, acne and other toxins + impurities from the skin

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Black drawing salve is a sacred apothecary staple in my home, especially with five kids running around. My first herbal experience was over 30 years ago when my nana used her herbal drawing salve to help get a splinter out of my hand. It was fascinating to me that this little jar of black stuff could make that little splinter of wood come out toward the surface of my skin without any pain. The scent is a memorable combination of spicy and woodsy with a hint of sweet wildflowers and is ingrained in my mind- just one whiff and I’m instantly transported back to my childhood on that hot summer day in nana’s house as she opens her little jar of healing magic. 

My proprietary blend contains NO essential oils as I strongly feel they do not hold a place in this remedy because an authentic black drawing salve has ingredients that, in essential oil form, should not be given to children under 3– and I want this to be useful and safe for all. True infused oils take months to properly make, and I chose our green healing allies that grew right in my backyard— st. john’s wort, plantain, burdock root, calendula, chickweed, rosemary, lavender and clove to work their synergistic magic to help pull those toxins and impurities from our skin. The wildharvested piñon resin, my children and I happened across on a walk nearby <while discussing this very salve> magical indeed, how we somehow seem to naturally be drawn to that which we need. The connection is <strong>

These 2oz shallow screw top tins for ease of use will last you quite a while as a little goes a long way. No worries of dropping and glass breaking, no leaking if it gets a bit warm— just be mindful of such and keep it in a cool dark spot, or in the fridge before opening to avoid a mess.