chai immuniTEA / a warming + immune stimulating chai blend

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let this perfectly divine hand blended warming and stimulating chai with supportive adaptogens, medicinal roots and herbs to support wellness and immunity nourish and ground your body and spirit in the cold dark months.

I recommend taking the time to freshly grind or crush with mortar and pestle, and slowly simmer this blend to allow it to fully release the medicinal benefits. The longer it is brewed, the better the results. I personally rebrew each batch twice- just simply place the strained tea blend into the fridge until next time, but use within the next few days.


delicious with a splash of milk of choice (we prefer oat!), some raw honey (or sweetener of choice) and a rooted + wild. herbal marshmallow. I also use this tea as a base for my chai french toast— one of my most requested breakfasts by my children! I will post the recipe on the blog when I get that started back up, so make sure you’re subscribed to be alerted!

contains: proprietary chai blend,  astragalus, chaga, reishi, rose petals, cornflowers.

*this contains some caffeine.