awaken / an undereye repair serum

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because we're all tired, and we're all getting old..

This stuff takes <months> to make-  infusing a special blend of three oils with organic coffee roasted locally in Wareham, MA and a proprietary blend of herbs, s l o w l y  infused the proper way ( I NEVER cook my oils, this takes away important nutrients that are necessary for a product that actually works) so as to reap the full benefits that each ingredient has to offer. THIS is high quality.  

My amazing blend is loaded with carotenoids- which are important antioxidants that help fight aging and are particularly well absorbed by the top layers of our skin. The oils I use are ‘dry’ oils and do not linger on the skin like the heavier ‘wet’ oils do (coconut, hemp, etc) It also contains massive amounts of antioxidant vitamins that can help our skin retain moisture because they’re easily absorbed. The herbs I chose to use are known for helping skin repair itself from scarring and sun damage, boost collagen production, and smooth out wrinkles. The caffeine in the coffee and green tea stimulate circulation, are energizing and revive the skin, especially puffiness around the eyes. It's super rejuvenating and can calm irritation as well as reduce redness/dark circles.

NO essential oils are used in this because I strongly feel they should not be used near the eyes- trust me it would burn if you accidentally rub some in.

≫ Simply massage one drop under and around each eye every morning. With consistent use, you will see and feel the amazing benefits. I notice I find myself not even needing or wanting to wear eye makeup because this does so well. I personally like keeping mine in the fridge for a bonus cooling effect that totally perks me up in the morning. The lingering scent of earthy coffee with a hint of sweetness is something that I truly enjoy. With five kids, you can bet this is an integral part of my daily routine.

This bottle will last a long time since it’s a super concentrated infused oil + you only use one drop per undereye.