aurora's immuni-TEA / a nourishing, soothing + comforting apothecary tea blend for immune support

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This is the blend my daughter Aurora came up with when she was 4 and felt like she was coming down with something. We went to my apothecary and she picked out herbs we had been talking + learning about— the combination was so wonderful + delicious, I decided to name the blend after her- she was thrilled! 🤗
There is a fun twist to this tea- it brews up blue, and if you add some raw honey to it, it magically turns purple! super fitting for an aurora, huh?

This is a great way to nourish and comfort while boosting your immune system, especially if you feel out of sorts like you’re coming down with something, or if you’re already with a cold. This is the blend for you. it’s kid safe and kids love it- mine made it! its really great to have on hand if you or your little one is feeling under the weather. Have a little tea party and feel better while you’re at it.

**Raw organic honey is a wonderful complement to this apothecary tea blend and is available for purchase separately.