allerg-ease / an apothecary tea blend to nourish, support + provide relief from common seasonal allergies

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This is loaded with a perfectly balanced proprietary blend of 12 powerful medicinal herbs, roots and flowers packed with vitamins, nutrients, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory properties. The result is an amazing tea that nourishes and supports proper immune system functioning, soothes mucous membranes, and helps relieve those itchy eyes, runny nose, chain-sneezing, sore throat symptoms that are associated with common seasonal allergies.
I started creating this blend for my teenage daughters’ sake- nothing was helping her. She swears this makes her stop chain-sneezing within 10-15 minutes of having a cup with some of our raw honey, and will drink it every few hours during the height of allergy season. I also drink it if I sense my allergies getting riled up, they seem to have come out of nowhere these last few years. It’s nice to be able to relax, have a cup of tea, breathe deep, and enjoy the spring and summertime and not worry about dealing with pesky allergy symptoms.

Over the past two decades, ALL of my product packaging has always been eco-friendly- glass, compostable bags, and my tea blends include a reusable unbleached organic cotton tea bag.

Importantly, all ingredients are organically cultivated / ethically wildcrafted, sustainably sourced from as local as possible, with only the best quality and freshest ingredients. Taste the difference in quality.


**Raw organic honey is a wonderful complement to this tea blend and is available for purchase separately.