womb embrace / a gentle + tender apothecary tea blend to nourish, support and promote harmonious flow of female energy, tone/strengthen the uterus, and help regulate hormones.

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I’ve been offering this blend to my family, friends and placenta encapsulation clients for over a decade now, this is an amazing blend for before, during and after pregnancy due to its high mineral and vitamin content that work harmoniously to nurture our womb, restoring and balancing, keeping it in top shape. I always drink this myself and I love it- the mandarin orange, hibiscus and rose balance out the nettle, red clover, red raspberry leaf and peppermint while the oatstraw and lemonbalm lend a soothing + comforting component.

The red clover assists the body in removing metabolic waste, and nourishes with calcium, magnesium; chromium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine and vitamin C. It’s also an amazing anti-cancer plant and wonderful for fertility support. Red raspberry leaf is a wonderfully effective uterine tonic that’s high in vitamins B + C, potassium + iron- along with a ton of minerals, boosting emotional and physical energy, strengthening and toning the uterus, and is known to be very high in antioxidants. Oat straw is known to promote emotional resilience, and is high in calcium and magnesium- both of which need one another to absorb properly but also balance out- calcium is stimulating while magnesium is relaxing.  Lemonbalm is wonderful for indigestion, gas, and bloating and is also a very relaxing herb. Mandarin orange peel is a great blood purifier and helps remove toxins, and along with hibiscus and rose hips, super high in vitamin C and zinc. Hibiscus also helps balance out blood sugar and blood pressure, as well as helps with cramps and digestion. 

*Vitex can be added upon request for an extra $3

As you can see this is only touching on some of the amazingly nourishing benefits this blend has— it’s mighty delicious with a squeeze of orange and some raw honey!