wild violet syrup / limited seasonal stock | botanically infused | nourishes + comforts the heart

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a limited batch of some of my annual wild violet syrup. this freshly picked wild violet-infused syrup has a gorgeous purple hue and imparts a subtle floral sweetness. I enjoy adding this to our tonic water with freshly squeezed clementine juice (and slice), astragalus tincture, and elderberry elixir drops for a nice immune boost. I find it helpful during the fluctuating change of weather here in New England. 

Violets are long known to bring comfort and ease to the heart + soul. They’re incredibly rich in vitamins A + C and has both astringent and demulcent properties. It’s mucilaginous- and so is used to help soothe sore throats and settle coughs, as well as proving to be a wonderful digestive tonic. 

They’re a perennial favorite in my house-  we pop some of the fresh flowers / leaves into our salads, petals in ice cubes and our botanical shortbread cookies; we also enjoy adding some of this syrup to our lemonade— this is one of my kids favorites along with my famous lavender-mint lemonade and hibiscus lemonade! This is also a delicious addition to iced tea, on crepes/pancakes and even drizzled on some vanilla ice cream. You can also use it to make cocktails to put a unique botanical spin on. 

Made with simple ingredients; violets, pure cane sugar*, organic meyer lemon, simpson spring water and love. like all of my creations, this contains no preservatives since I believe in honoring plants as purely as possible to its natural state for the best quality. I like to refrigerate after opening to maintain its freshness and use within 6 months!

*bone char free

This is a rooted + wild. seasonal offering and as such, is limited availability. Once it’s gone, it is gone until next year. 

4oz | 120ml