tenderheart tincture | a comforting + nurturing heart ally

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let's face it- life can be painful for some of us. It's not always warm and glowy and loving. We go through pain, sorrow, suffer grief and anxiety. We lose people we love, we have disappointments, failures. That's why this tincture utilizes plants that have nurturing, comforting, calming and loving heart protecting properties. violet's sweetness eases pain from love & loss, whereas hawthorne is a strong heart ally that nourishes blood circulation and promotes healthy boundaries as well; motherwort, the great protector, offers courage and eases anxiety and fear. The warm and comforting scents of cardamom, vanilla and rose bring forth peace and gently comfort your sense of being. This here's for life, that's beautiful and messy just the same. Handcrafted with lots of love and positivity from me to you.

1oz or 2oz bottles

Also available in balm form. For additional related products, see wild violet syrup. Can also custom blend a tea—