sparkling clean / an herbal + mineral based tooth powder

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My kids and I have officially given up toothpaste 3x a week because I've been making this herbal & mineral tooth powder for a few years now.  Not only does it clean the teeth in a safe and non-harsh abrasive manner (NO baking soda!) but it also strengthens them, remineralizes, detoxifies them + keeps breath fresh, but guess what? naturally WHITENS them! Seriously you guys! You will legit see result after at least two uses- you will FEEL the ‘clean’ results immediately. 

My kids look forward to brushing their teeth with this and those years of drinking coffee stains aren't so obvious anymore and my teeth went from dull to dazzling.  My sensitivities are also not so obvious, and I'm so SO happy. There are zero synthetics in this!

My proprietary blend is perfected and simple- just FOUR amazing ingredients!  What this blend does is it binds to things and removes them from your system- so while you brush, it binds to stains, tartar and germs and any toxins, detoxifies inside that mouth of ours! it polishes the teeth nicely and naturally whitens them!  It’s also loaded with minerals, like calcium, potassium and magnesium, which help strengthen, rebuild and remineralize the teeth. Also loaded with vitamin C, which strengthens and whitens teeth and gives a pleasant faint citrus taste. Not strong at all, you won't have a mouthful of orange flavor. 

I'm not a fan of xylitol and when it comes to remineralizing for repair, nourishing our teeth with a beneficial herb that is naturally sweet is my preference. Stevia leaf (the actual plant, not the white crap you can find in markets these days), was actually found to reduce bacterial formation in the mouth and to fight against/prevent cavities and gingivitis so I <knew> I wanted to use this in my amazing blend.

Safe for ages 3 and up with parental supervision.