palo santo smudging bundle / reiki infused + raw quartz

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The act of smudging is sacred. The aromas produced by the plants and woods help us place ourselves in a specific state of mind and allow us to focus our energy with certain intention. During burning, the tendrils of fragrant smoke permeate a space, purifying the air and clearing the energy. Energy can be thought of much like a river that sometimes carries debris, such as leaves an branches, that can get caught up on the rocks and dam up the flow. Purifying a space with smoke during smudging is much like clearing away the debris so that water (or energy) can flow more freely once again, helping it to stay fresh and clean to prevent stagnation. In addition, plant smoke releases negative ions into the air, which is a good thing. Negative ions are created naturally in nature by plants, water- especially moving water, and other elements. Scientific studies have shown that negative ions have beneficial effects on our mood, energy levels, respiratory health, and immune system.
Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, is often used in meditation, energetic purification of space, protection, and is also an effective mosquito repellant!! The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances positive vibrations of any environment and facilitates creativity and peace. This wood is sustainably-sourced and ethically wild crafted from Peru and Ecuador.

Each bundle is reiki infused and adorned with Cape Cod lavender and an intuitively chosen raw quartz. I only have a very limited stock left of these until the new harvest in the summer 💜