otitis externa (external ear infection) remedy

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otitis externa, or, outer ear infection-

the culprit for external is usually bacterial or fungal. For me, the cause is due to the fact that I wear hearing aids.. (this is also caused by allergies and upper respiratory issues, and as I’ve noticed, prolonged use of AirPods)

What I found that consistently works for me is an infusion of my proprietary blend of yarrow, comfrey, white willow bark and plaintain—

Suggested use: Dip each gauze in then toss after gently dabbing. Repeat 1-3 times, tossing after each one. Do this twice a day for about 3 days. Directions for proper infusion included with purchase.

The astringent properties (yarrow) help dry out. Nourishing and repair (plaintain + comfrey) and a bit of pain relief as well (white willow bark). I haven’t had a full blown infection in over 15 years using this blend. It’s a staple in my home apothecary.  

this listing is for a package with approximately 1oz (enough to prepare this for two to three occasions- once for current use and twife for backup remedies) packaged in airtight sealed bag.


*if you’re looking for an inner ear infection remedy, please see the listing for garlic mullein ear oil.