double extract mullein flower + garlic oil / for ear aches and pains

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..because nobody wants ear pain.. I've been harvesting mullein every summer for years and creating this double infused garlic-mullein oil for earaches and pains on my own children and myself to avoid progressing into an ear infection! I literally just put 3 drops in my ear the other night because my ear was bothering me (common because I wear hearing aid so I’m prone to them) and my ear felt absolutely fine the next day!! We have only ever had ONE ear infection in my house among my five children, which we actually got rid of with this oil. Their pediatrician was amazed. I’ve been able to personally avoid a full-fledged ear infection for at least two decades using this.  

As always, I create my products in limited small batches using local organically cultivated and ethically wildcrafted ingredients.

 This is a staple in anyone’s first aid kid/medicine cabinet, I could never go without it. We all know that ear pain has a tendency to come out of nowhere and usually at night, so it’s always good to be prepared!