herbal marshmallows | a nourishing immune supportive treat

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Fresh marshmallows are amazing, and with my specially chosen medicinal herbs and spices to the mix, not only are they delicious, but good for you! 

My proprietary blend contains marshmallow root of course- which is THE original way marshmallows were made! Marshmallow root is soothing and a demulcent- which can be helpful for sore throats and irritation from coughing! Pasture raised gelatin- loaded with collagen, supports gut health. It's very important to avoid synthetics, which are unhealthy and promote dis-ease and sickness. Local raw honey provides the natural sugars needed, fresh vanilla bean for a hint of flavor, and the herbs I used were a bit of chaga, echinacea, nettle, and cardamom for an *amazing* immune boost. The cardamom is a heart ally and also provides a <unique> warm floral fruity flavor to the marshmallows! Echinacea is a wonderful herb ally for colds and sickness, the chaga is amazing- super high in antioxidants and a wonderful anti-inflammatory. Nettle is very nourishing and nutritive, you can learn more about it on a post about nettles in my instagram feed! There are some edible flowers sprinkled on top, I think they are magical! My kids and I LOVE putting one of these on top of our rooted + wild. drink blends, in s'mores over a fire, making sprouted krispy rice treats, and just plain eating them straight up!

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  cacao | medicinal mushroom herbal marshmallows.

ethically sourced organic raw cacao + locally harvested chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lions mane + maitake mushrooms, farmstead grown marshmallow root and nettles, local raw honey, pasture raised kosher gelatin, nettle seeds, blue lotus, a dusting of ceylon cinnamon + edible 24K gold.