hawthorn-rose dusting sugar / a divine heart-nurturing treat

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A delightful treat-

Hawthorn is my personal favorite heart nourishing ally. She reminds me of a great mother. Her blood red berries resembling little apples, and long, sharp thorns as if to give a warning: she will protect and she will nurture. As someone with a heart issue (SVT), I am always nourishing myself with this in many forms. I’m naturally drawn to it and always seem to be led straight to a new source for her.

Hawthorn is known to strengthen the heart and improve blood flowing oxygen, circulating live within and throughout. In the emotional aspect of things, hawthorn nurtures the tender and troubled heart, supporting and soothing, bringing comfort when most needed- just the way a mother should. ♥️

 Rosa damascena is soothing and brings forth a gentle and warming sense of comfort and peace. Rose petals are also a good source of vitamins A, C and E.

I created this divine + magical (bone char free) sugar with this past late summer harvest of both the hawthorn and rose. Use it to dust on top of cakes and breads, and enjoy on top of your favorite hot cup of rooted + wild herbal drink. 


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