hand poured beeswax fabergé style egg candles

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the beauty of beeswax is just stunning- the cozy, magical sweet scent of honey, the warm color, the feeling of peace and coziness it invokes to smell and have a lit candle present... the sense of calmness and sacredness and togetherness it brings.. we always light one every mealtime.

These were made with organic cotton wicks and hand poured into a mold using 100% local pure beeswax. No additives of any kind. No lead, no artificial scents. Just pure beeswax.

Did you know that beeswax burns cleaner and is better for our health than traditional paraffin and petroleum or anything made with synthetics? The latter have been found linked to respiratory issues, and even cancers + tumors!

these were a bit difficult to make- I intended to make a dozen, but actually messed up on three of them 😫 the details are intricate and gorgeous!! filled with the energy of last nights full moon ✨

special- these ship free 🤍