golden milk / an anti-inflammatory + immune supportive blend

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This is a relaxing, warming and nourishing drink I've been drinking for years. It is influenced by a traditional Ayurvedic recipe that I put my own spin on and made this even healthier and tastier. My favorite way to enjoy this is to warm up some milk in a pot on the stove and use either a milk frother if you have one, or a whisk to combine the golden anti-inflammatory immune milk powder. I then stir in a bit of local raw honey to sweeten a bit and also for its added health benefits. I personally use fresh almond milk or creamy coconut milk- both are my absolute favorites and taste amazing with this blend. When I make it like this it reminds me of a latte, and my herbal marshmallows really complement the flavor and make it even more comforting and nourishing 😍 I have also poured a cooled batch over ice cubes and blended up in my vitamix for a delicious smoothie. You will LOVE it!

Turmeric based for its super anti-inflammatory properties, my recipe also includes astragalus and ashwaganda for a super strengthening and protective immune boost as well as their amazing adaptogenic properties to help us combat stress. I've also used cardamom, ground vanilla bean, ginger root and freshly ground ceylon cinnamon for their warming, pain inhibition qualities but also because the flavors marry together so well and really make this drink delicious. There is also some white pepper which is contains high amounts of piperine which helps the curcumin in turmeric be more absorbable and bioavailable in the body thus maximizing the health benefits.

To use, just whisk about 1-2 tsp of powder into approximately 8 oz of milk of your choice in a small pot on medium-high heat. *I've been making it so long I basically just pour my almond milk into the mug I plan to use, then pour that into the pot- then I put about 1-2tsp of powder in and whisk continually over medium-high heat until it starts to foam and steam. Then strain as you pour into mug and mix the honey in, then enjoy! It's especially delicious topped with one of my herbal marshmallows.