coming soon: r i t u a l | cacao grounding ceremony kits

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Carefully curated boxes containing all you need to have your own cacao grounding ceremony in the comfort of your own space.

Each ritual kit contains:

⎊ guidance / information sheet 

⎊ grounding card for reference

⎊ anahata cacao blend- ethically sourced organic cacao
   I am proud to use organic cacao from a direct source in my anahata blend- practicing ethical fair trade and skipping the middle man who only seeks to profit off those who work hard. This cacao isn't just fresh and delicious - it’s also ethically sourced. Being truly single-origin means I can tell you the name of the farm that produced it.  100% goes to the Mayan families who produce this cacao, bringing us this amazing medicine. 

⎊ a few cacao beans so you may see what this looks like in its pure unaltered form. 

⎊ ethically wildcrafted palo santo smudging bundle with reiki infused raw quartz and homegrown lavender

⎊ botanically infused beeswax/soy blend candle with lead-free hemp wick. 

⎊ one piece of reiki infused raw blue kyanite.  kyanite carries a strong mother energy— she is gentle and powerful just the same.  it is said to encourage alignment of our chakras, when our shakers align, it restores harmony between our bodies + minds, and brings a sense of inner calm.  kyanite also encourages and enhances our ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and with intent, and is said to increase our intuition.
 + option to purchase more stones to make a complete set soon available as I locate more ethically harvested stones. 

 ⎊ optional extra: handmade leather lighter holster with fringe (as seen in photo)


+ These kits will be a limited availability, first come first served. Will post time/date drop when this will go live