sword + shield / an elderberry-chaga immune boosting syrup

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It's a soothing, antioxidant- loaded blend using only quality organic and as local as possible ingredients with my unique recipe that’s over 17 years old 😍

We take once daily for prevention and if you do by chance come down with something, go at it harder to knock it out by taking more often throughout the day, what I call ‘attack mode’. My proprietary blend includes the infamous and potent, but rare chaga mushroom. Chaga is considered a superfood and it's loaded with the good stuff that helps keep our bodies strong, like the abundance of beta-d glucans, which are amazing because what they do is boost the immune system when it's needed but also slow it down when it's overactive! Chaga also contains polysaccharides that promote cardiovascular, liver and intestinal health, boost energy in some cases and gives you an overall improved feeling.
I also use local wild harvested rose hips and organic mandarin orange peel for the vitamin c, a, calcium, iron, bioflavonoids, magnesium, and b-complex vitamins. I use mandarin orange peel because it is a natural blood purifier that helps flush out toxins within our bodies.
For its amazing health benefits I use my raw honey from the VT/MA border- I enjoy supporting our local beekeepers and in turn am so grateful for the amazing fresh quality of honey LOADED with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes all which are essential to our body function and boost its immune ability.