loveheart latte / a comforting and nourishing blend for heart support

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I created this proprietary blend with intention of soothing the heart- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Balance in life is very important, and when we get stressed out or upset, that has the capability to throw us off at the core. That’s why I have included adaptogens astragalus & ashwaganda, because the properties of adaptogens are to help the body better cope with stress- they have the ability to soothe the soul. I’ve also included heart nourishing allies hawthorn, cordyceps, açai berry & beet root.  The warming properties of vanilla bean & rosa damascena are soothing and bring forth peace and a sense of comfort. All of these combined= pure bliss.
We need to take time for ourselves and nourish our bodies with wholesome nutritive ingredients. Make sure you practice self care, whether it be taking ten minutes at the beginning of your day or some time at night before bed- focus on YOU! I have been enjoying having a mug of this loveheart latte at the end of the day, while I go over my list of goals and daily accomplishments and I just feel so nurtured and full!


♡ if you enjoy this drink blend, stay tuned for sone hand tempered raw adaptogenic chocolate based on this.