herbal za'atar / a nourishing and nutritive middle eastern topping

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My proprietary za’atar blend features staghorn sumac my children and I ethically harvested in Cape Cod off the beaten path in a friend’s wild backyard field. It took an entire day to hand process the sumac into the amazing tangy, sweet, lemon-like powder you see in the bowl, which is what I used in the blend. It’s amazing on top of a lightly toasted pita topped with fresh hummus and a drizzle of sesame oil. My 4 year old likes it on avocados (just like my herbal gomasio). It’s also commonly used on and delicious on salads, vegetables, couscous, poultry, fish, eggs, used as a dip with oil, and even on pizza! It’s really easy to get creative with this and my other nutritive toppings- knowing they’re not only delicious but super nutritious. It’s high in vitamin C and loaded with powerful antioxidants that are cancer-fighting + helps protect our healthy cells. It’s also very cooling energy-wise and is anti-inflammatory + anti-fungal. Sumac also balances out cholesterol- meaning it helps increase good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol. There’s also tulsi in this, as well as my favorite plant ever, nettles. Tulsi is a wonderful adaptogen that assists our bodies when we react to stress- it’s calming. It’s also an anti-inflammatory as well. How amazing is that? It’s like nature knows what we need, and we just need to know how to harness it and utilize it for optimum health.