happy bubbles | botanically infused bubbles for fun loving kids + adults

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We love bubbles here, so I made it a mission to make my own. I made liquid castile soap and then played around with blends until perfected, which took forever and a day because it’s a very delicate balance. It’s infused with organic mandarin orange peel, cape cod lavender, garden grown rosemary + lemon verbena. These bubbles are awesome and smell SO, so good 😊 they blow great and don’t pop right away either like many do! BPA, PET and phthalate free plastic jars (for safety’s sake) at a whopping 7.7 fl oz, sure to last quite a while!

Bubble play is a beautiful, immersive way to nurture sensory learning and motor skillswhile establishing hand preference, encouraging imagination and language skills to describe the enchanted world they are creating. 

These are a great stocking/basket stuffer and a staple in our travel bag. It pairs well with our unique bubble wands handcrafted by my children.

 Recommended age: 3+