wooden book page holders

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These are lovely for ergonomic positioning of little and big hands alike, preventing from tiring or cramping while reading and just plain making it easier. I made myself one of these over 15 years ago because I would have both arms around my twins and while reading a book, my hand would cramp holding it with one hand. (They used to bring me a rather large stack of books šŸ˜‚)

Each one is individually hand drawn, cut, and sanded buttery smooth and then polished with my herbal wood cream. My children helped with the polishing. šŸ˜Š

These would make wonderful Advent Calendar stuffers and Solstice/Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, etc. anytime gifts and are the perfect size to carry along with you if traveling at 3.5ā€ x 1.5ā€.