skull + roses beeswax candle | life • death • rebirth • growth

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skull + roses represents birth/death/rebirth- bones represent the fertile energy ⎊ rising from the dark earth. Our skulls are the protectors of our brains and consciousness, without which we would not have life. I had the idea to create these with 24k gold that was cleansed and charged under the new moon to represent power and protection. Harnessed together with the beeswax which is golden like the sun, with bits of propolis serving as a reminder of the connection to the divine sacredness of the bee and life itself- it just felt so cohesive.  Everything is truly connected. 

the beauty of beeswax is just stunning- the cozy, magical sweet scent of honey, the warm color, the feeling of peace and coziness it invokes to smell and have a lit candle present- the sense of calmness and sacredness and togetherness it brings nurtures the souls and fills the room with a bit of glow, celebrating presence. We light one every mealtime as part of our sacred ritual.

Did you know beeswax burns cleaner and is better for our health versus paraffin and petroleum or anything made with synthetics? The latter have been found linked to respiratory issues, and even cancers and tumors.

These were hand poured using organic cotton wicks and 100% raw beeswax from local farms.