hand dipped beeswax taper candles

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the beauty of beeswax is just stunning- the cozy, magical sweet scent of honey, the warm color, the feeling of peace and coziness it invokes to smell and have a lit candle present- the sense of calmness and sacredness and togetherness it brings nurtures the souls and fills the room with a bit of glow, celebrating presence. We light one every mealtime as part of our sacred ritual.

Did you know beeswax burns cleaner and is better for our health versus paraffin and petroleum or anything made with synthetics? The latter have been found linked to respiratory issues, and even cancers and tumors!  

These were hand dipped, using organic cotton wicks and 100% raw beeswax from local farms by my older children. 

This listing is for one pair of connected candles (two candles total) length varies between approximately 6-8”